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Join In

We’d love to help you get involved in and there’s lots of ways to help you join in here at Freedom City Church. Take a look at what’s on, or get in touch via the form below and we’ll be in touch!

Generosity fuels the mission

There are different ways to support the mission of Freedom City Church.

Standing Order

You can easily give through Standing Order. You can download the standing order form PDF and return it to get going.

Give through PayPal

You can give through Paypal Easily – simply click on the link that will appear here once we get the text finalised.

Text Giving

Giving is now as easy as sending a text. To try it out, send the word FCC plus the amount to 12345. If this is your first time, you will be asked to complete a one-time form, safely linking your card to your smart phone.

Get involved in serving!

Joining a team is a great way of getting involved in the life of the church. It is one of the best ways of connecting with others and feeling part of the church community.

We believe that by serving others we serve Jesus and His purposes and also practically demonstrate our love for others. By rolling up our sleeves we show we are willing to join in with a team of like-minded servants and in this way, we help build the local church God has called us to be part of.

Get Involved